Vancouver SEO Expert

SEO services in Vancouver

I provide SEO services you can understand, afford and trust.

Website Audit

I will perform a technical and SEO website audit to discover technical and other issues in your website. You’ll get a detailed report that I will explain the details of to you in person or online.

Keyword Research

Taking into consideration your target audience, locations and business objectives I will perform an extensive research to find keywords and phrases to optimize for.

Speed Optimization

Website speed is very important to gain new leads via your website and Google consier it an SEO ranking factor. I will help you make your website really fast!


If your website is still running on HTTP (unsecure transfer of data between the visitor and your website) I will convert it to HTTPS (Secure) which is important for SEO. 

Webdesign for SEO

Have a very old website or want to start from scratch with SEO in mind? I got you covered. I build highly optimized high speed websites with SEO in mind, from the beginning.

Website Security for SEO

Your website security is very important for SEO. If your website is hacked, a hacker might use it for backlinking or to redirect certain pages or worse. As part of my SEO-optimized web hosting plans, I provide fast website security hardening & monitoring.

Image SEO

Optmizing your images for SEO is a task that is usually omitted, even by SEO specialists. I will work with you to optimize your images to make sure they’re ready to rank in image search.

Image Size Reduction

Those huge images you uploaded to your website after a photo shoot are so big in size and they’re slowing your website down. I will reduce the size of all of them wihout affecting quality.

Website Migration

You’ve started out with a cheap but very slow hosting, now you’re ready to migrate to a better, faster and more secure host, I got you covered. I will safely migrate your website.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is no easy task, it’s often omitted or done poorly by website admins and SEOs. I will help draw a clear strategy and then optmize your web shop.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. If you have a YouTube channel and you’re not optimizing for SEO, you’re missing out. Let me help you.

Web hosting for SEO

If you want to host your website on a lightening fast server and you don’t have someone experienced to manage it, I got you covered. I provide high speed hosting services for SEO.

Listing business on Google

If you have an address in Vancouver or BC, I will help you get listed on Google so that you’ll appear on Google map searches as well.

Google Analytics for SEO

In order to track your website traffic, you should have Google analytics setup on your website and linked to Google search. I will do that for you.

Local SEO Optimization

If you’d like to target a specific local city or region, I will help you do that.