Vancouver SEO Expert

About Vancouver SEO Expert & Specialist

Hi! I’m Bashar, a Canadian Vancouverite British Columbian. I was born and grew up in Syria.

I help businesses rank higher on Google and other search engines to get organic free traffic in the long run. I also build high speed highly SEO optimized websites.

I enjoy and love helping my clients achieve their dreams by setting them up for success in the online world.

So many of my clients decide to work with me after being exhausted and done working with agencies and overseas freelancers. They paid so much and got so little in value. Agencies often took them in circles to get more $$ without clear justification or they get little to no support. They frequently had to deal with support staff who can’t articulate in English or sent big bills at the end of the month.

That’s why I decided to do what I do without becoming an agency with high costs (that get passed to clients).  My top priority is delivering for you.

I’m your local Vancouver-based SEO expert and specialist.

Contact me and let’s meet over coffee to discuss ways to work together. No obligation and no pressure.